Do messy closets, cramped department stores and pushy sales people overwhelm you? If you're too busy to shop or dive into all your cluttered piles of clothes, I can make your life a lot easier. I create a look that works with your lifestyle so you look fabulous every day of your life

I will clean, organize and rejuvenate your closet to perfection. I evaluate what you have and advise you on what pieces you will need to enhance your existing wardrobe. Once organized I cart unwanted clothing to consignment shops, register your items and bring you back the cash.

I will show you how to distinguish timeless staples from trendy pieces and help avoid costly mistakes. I work with clients to help find unique gifts; whether they are business related or personal.

I will create outfits, photograph and catalogue the images for you to have as a reference when getting dressed or preparing for a trip.

My objective is to eliminate the unwanted stress and procrastination that precedes an upcoming trip or event. I will simplify your packing experience so that you feel comfortable and secure for every occasion.